Artwork: It's Okay To Put A Hole In The Wall!

Bringing in artwork is a notable way to add personality to your space.  There are endless options that will suite any budget.  You can frame a family photo, portrait of a pet, an artisan painting or even art of your own! You may be surprised how much a space changes once a piece of art is hung up on the wall.

The frames you select can work to tie in accent finishes and the prints add colour and life to a room; so go ahead and make a hole in the wall the artwork will make it all worthwhile.

In the ID storefront you can find various prints of landscapes and abstract art.  When it comes to art don’t be afraid to mix and match frame sizes and colours, play around with scale and variety and make a gallery wall that becomes its own piece of art within the arrangement! 

When selecting art scale is key, measure twice! If the artwork is too big or too small it will unbalance the space and will stick out like a sore thumb.  This unbalance can distract the eye immediately, taking away from the overall space instead of adding to it.

Also note the spacing between multiple art pieces as well. Mark out even spacing between each frame for balance, especially if all the same size. When frames are arranged in a gallery, with multiple sizes it is best to keep spacing consistent as best you can; however, if it meant to be abstract and skewed spacing won't be as much of an eye sore.

Tips for hanging artwork; if it is a single piece always try to hang it at eye level. Generally speaking hang your piece 60 inches from center of the frame to the floor!  If the artwork is to be hung above a piece of furniture such as a sofa, chair or console then you'll want to leave a 4-6 inch gap from the top of the furniture to the bottom the frame. When furniture is involved art will be hung higher to avoid obstruction of the print from the furniture piece. 

The ID storefront living spaces can help you with indication of scale to see what fits best for the space. 

In this instance there is a sectional situated in front of a large blank wall. This is a perfect opportunity to introduce an oversized piece of artwork. This large landscape canvas painting ties into the colours of the rug, centered to the sectional. The canvas is not framed to give the space a more relaxed feel. However, most of our canvas paintings are offered with an option of framing, check them out on the iDesign Storefront website, or if there is a particular piece you like as us about the framing options available.

This living area hosts a fireplace which acts as the central focal point of the space. This is a great spot to stack various pieces together to fill in the void space between the fireplace and wall; and help balance out the sides. The black frames are a great contrast against the white walls and tie in with the black finishes presented in the light fixture. 

Hallways are excellent for gallery walls and playing with variety. Art pieces, like shown here are hung at the same height, but vary in size and scale creating visual interest to the wall.

On the hunt for some new art pieces? Check out some of our favorites which you can find on the ID Storefront website!