Pinera Accent Table


The Pinera Accent Table has a triangular iron base that supports its tastefully simple black slate or white marble top with confidence and sophistication. The Pinera accent table is the perfect way to add grown-up allure to a space. 

A unique choice of material, the Pinera II sports a black slate top with an all-natural edge. Finished in its natural color and character, the slab is sanded just enough to make sure the edges are safe, so it still maintains its natural, grainy character. This accent table’s slate top is supported by an antique-silver polished, triangular iron frame which not only looks great but is also strong and stabilizes the table to perfection.

*Slate is made from clay or volcanic ash that has been compressed for millions of years. True to its organic nature, each piece of slate is unique, please expect variations in color and texture. 

The white marble top has an exquisite live edge and creamy undertones with gray and beige veining throughout.

*Marble is a natural material. Each piece has its own beautiful intricacies, and some may carry naturally occurring fissures. Please expect variations in color and texture. 

Dimensions (Inches): 19.0L x 19.0W x 24.0H

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