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Amari Chandelier


The Amari's chandelier shade is made from beads that are secured to metal framing, which is tucked away on the interior of the shade. Metal framing ensures the chandelier is sturdy, and showcases the beautiful beading pattern perfectly. 

The Amari's beading element is finished in a beautiful natural toned white-washed color, which is perfectly complimented by the metal framing, chain rod, and ceiling cap that are tastefully finished in the same color to provide a cohesive look and feel.

The fixture is home to three lightbulbs that are positioned to face outward in different places, providing ample light in all areas of a room where light is hung.  It's white-washed finish is the perfect neutral element to a room, while its unique beaded design makes a statement in any kitchen, living room, or dining room. 

The Amari is a circular chandelier measuring 30.0" long by 30.0" wide by 15.0" high. 

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